News Items -02.22.17

The Intercept:

Intercepted Podcast: The Undisciplined Authoritarian

How to Run a Rogue Government Twitter Account With an Anonymous Email Address and a Burner Phone

NSA Split From Cyberwar Command Inevitable, Says Former Official

As Senate Rushes to Install Scott Pruitt at EPA, Exiled Climate Scientists Survey the Damage

A Corporate Defender at Heart, Former SEC Chair Mary Jo White Returns to Her Happy Place

DNC Chair Candidate Tom Perez’s Bank-Friendly Record Could Kneecap the Democratic Party

H.R. McMaster Isn’t a Bigot, Making Him an Outlier on Trump’s National Security Team

Turkish diplomats stepping up espionage in Europe, claims German report

Trump’s Middle East ‘Deal’ Leaves Out One Vital Player: Palestinians.” by Rashid Khalidi — Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University.

Mehdi Hasan of Al Jazeera debates/interviews the former head of the UK Army.

The Nation Magazine:

Is Detente Really Dead,” by Stephen Cohen — professor emeritus of Russian studies and history at Princeton University and New York University.

This Building Was Once a Notorious Women’s Prison. Now It’s Becoming a Center for Feminist Organizing.

How Banks Want To Make It Easier To Launder Money

McCain Talks Tough as the War in Ukraine Continues Without End

Neo-McCarthyite Furor Around Russia Is Counterproductive

Why Millennials Aren’t Afraid of Socialism

Ishaan Tharoor at the Washington Post: “Fake news [about fictional attacks in Sweden] overshadowed real suffering” in places like Pakistan and Somalia.

Craig Murray — former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, until becoming a torture whistleblower; and former Rector of the University of Dundee:

BBC Announces New Anti-Scottish Channel

Boris Johnson – an Ethics Free Zone

Bank of America’s CEO made $54,795/day last year. Citigroup cut its CEO’s pay, but only because he didn’t earn stockholders enough money — not for legal or ethical violations. Arizona rescinded Martin Luther King Day in 1987 and only reinstated it in 1992 because of the NFL. “Blowing up houses, digging up graves: Iraqis purge Islamic State

NBA joins NFL in warning Texas that proposed ‘bathroom bill’ could be costly

UNICEF: “One million Ukrainian children now need aid as number doubles over past year”

The Guardian:

German parents told to destroy doll that can spy on children

Benjamin Netanyahu took two-hour flight detour to avoid Indonesian airspace

Toxic political agenda is dehumanising entire groups, Amnesty warns

Kim Jong-nam’s body targeted in morgue break-in, say police

Suspect in North Korea killing ‘thought she was taking part in TV prank’

‘Horrible spike’ in hate crime linked to Brexit vote, Met police say

In Pakistan, tolerant Islamic voices are being silenced

City watchdog investigating HSBC over potential financial crime, bank reveals

New EPA head Scott Pruitt’s emails reveal close ties with fossil fuel interests

Exoplanet discovery: seven Earth-sized worlds found orbiting nearby star

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting:

Are Liberals Helping Trump? Not Much, Apparently

Scrutiny for Supreme Court Pick Fails to Focus on Rights of Disabled

Russia’s started accepting passports issued from the Donetsk and Lugansk republics, but Belarus has refused. This is notable because Belarus is Europe’s most pliant Russian ally, and it is defying “Putin’s Russia,” which shows Russia’s lack on control over the area NATO falsely presumes is about to be invaded by Russia.

The Diplomat: “US, Thailand to Launch 2017 Cobra Gold Military Exercises

Paul Robinson — professor of Russian and military history at Ottawa University:

Jus in Bello in Ukraine

Book Review: Should We Fear Russia?

How Did Sebastian Gorka Go From The Anti-Muslim Fringe To White House Aide?

“Since at least 2013, Gorka has served as a frequent guest at events and on a radio show hosted by Gaffney, the founder of the Center for Security Policy, a D.C. based anti-Islam think tank. Gaffney has heavily promoted the conspiracy theory that members of the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the U.S. government and argued that the Council on American Islamic Relations, a civil rights group, is affiliated with terrorists.

Gorka has made the same arguments himself. He has also said that accepting Muslim refugees would be ‘national suicide‘ and that religious profiling of Muslims is a ‘synonym for common sense.’

One of the primary arguments Gorka laid out both in his 2016 book and in his posts for Breitbart is that the U.S. and Europe are losing the war against ISIL because political correctness prevents their leaders from addressing the religious roots of ‘global jihadism.’

That’s an about-face from the point he made in his Ph.D. dissertation at Hungary’s Corvinus University, in which Gorka wrote that using such ‘inflammatory’ terms does ‘a great disservice to law-abiding Muslims’ and gives terrorists ‘an undeserved sense of quasi religious legitimacy.'”

Obama’s covert drone war in numbers: ten times more strikes than Bush,” by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism:

“Obama embraced the US drone programme, overseeing more strikes in his first year than Bush carried out during his entire presidency. … Obama embraced the US drone programme, overseeing more strikes in his first year than Bush carried out during his entire presidency.”

Which is why Russia, Saudi Arabia, the US, etc. are trying to either develop/sell what’s left before its value drops dramatically, or vying to maintain a position of dominance over the oil market that will be remaining. China and Europe, meanwhile, are moving towards renewable energy because they aren’t myopic and near-sighted. Another example via Scientific American: “China Blows Past the U.S. in Wind Power.”

“Two men who were shot in Texas last month and had blamed immigrants crossing the border with Mexico were actually shot by members of their own hunting party, according to an indictment issued last week. Walker Daugherty and Edwin Roberts were wounded in the incident on January 6, The Associated Press reported. Daugherty and his fiancee told police they were shot by undocumented immigrants from Mexico, per CBS 7 in Odessa, Texas. However, the station said police now believe Daugherty actually shot Roberts and another member of the party, Michael Bryant, shot Daugherty. ‘There were no bullet casings or projectiles from weapons other than those belonging to the individuals hunting on the ranch nor in the RV belonging to the hunting party,’ the sheriff’s department told Big Bend Now last month. The incident took place near Candelaria, about 250 miles southeast of El Paso. Bryant and Daugherty, both hunting guides with Redwing Outfitters, were indicted last Wednesday on charges of deadly conduct by discharging firearms in the direction of others, local radio station KTSA reported. A message on Redwing’s Facebook page claimed the two were shot ‘ambush style,‘ but thirty investigators searched the area and found no evidence of anyone approaching the camp, AP reported. Police believe the hunters fired on each other by mistake. […] Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller cited the shooting as ‘proof’ that the border wall proposed by President Donald Trump was needed. When confronted about previous inaccurate Facebook messages, Miller said his social media posts shouldn’t be held to the same standard as those of a news organization ― but then cited a news organization in defense of himself. ‘It’s like Fox News,’ Miller told KUT radio. ‘I report and you decide if it’s true or not.'”

More on this absurdity: “Sheriff: Candalaria shootings were ‘friendly fire,’ but Texas ag commissioner spreads fake news about incident” — “Investigators believe Presidio County ranch shooting was friendly fire, not border violence” — “Hunters Charged In Texas Shooting Had Blamed Illegal Immigrants


James “Jesus” Angleton and Barry Goldwater were both officially consulted by the CIA until at least 1983.

Memo offers a look into the CIA’s private press pool: Agency cultivated a network of journalists to help ‘fight misinformation’ and ‘restore faith in the institution'” — More from Carl Bernstein (of Washington Post Watergate fame) on “the CIA and the Media.” Here’s an excerpt from Glomar Disclosure on another example of a “good leak” being defined as that which preserves power or increases “public confidence” in power:

“In addition to identifying a number of journalists involved in this CIA network and providing some basic information about their activities, the memo praises the leaks and the use of the press to manipulate the public’s perception of the Agency in the context of ‘rising clamor impairing public confidence in the Agency as an institution and in the competence of some of its personnel.'”

The Daily Beast: “The Religious Cult Running Japan

Aramco’s going meta-criminal with its IPO choices, JPMorgan, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley.

Neo-McCarthyite furor around Russia is counterproductive,” by Katrina vanden Heuvel — editor and publisher of The Nation Magazine.

SPLC-named hate group calls students ‘terrorists’ in campus posters” posted around campus by David Horowitz’s group, which Trump advisor Stephen Miller was once part of in college. While most college activists organize for things like peace, he was trying to change the mythical American body public insufficiently scared of Muslims that they’re coming to zap and impurity all our previous bodily fluids. Oh, and Miller (obviously falsely) said that “uncontrolled migration” has put 500,000 U.S. girls at risk of genital mutilation.

NOLA: “Iran holds military exercise after new US sanctions” — WTF did the US hawks think Iran would do?

Gallup: “35% of Ukrainians see NATO as a threat.






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