System Update – 03.13.17

The previous format of daily updates of what I read/watch has become too burdensome and is unnecessary, as it duplicates content already on the Twitter page. Selecting what’s very relevant during the day would lack context without the full reading of the numerous, small items each day that create the bulk of busywork on this blog. Therefore, individual news updates will be on the Twitter page while exceptionally noteworthy, focused posts will intermittently be posted to this blog and then updated. This will allow a single page to reference information for a topic as opposed to being dispersed over countless daily news posts. The main goal behind this blog is being changed to primarily being a repository of selected books, journalists/academicsnewspapers/outlets, and exceptionally noteworthy posts on focused issues (i.e. cyberwar). Reiterated: I’m nixing daily news posts and replacing them with continuously-updating topic-focused posts.


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